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Collaborative - Organized
Diplomatic - Efficient

Creatively Turning Concepts into Accomplishments

“VSA arts has been absolutely thrilled with Johanna’s work. She has been able to take the complicated issues of access and inclusion of people with disabilities and express promising practices in a straight forward and approachable way.”

--James E. Modrick Vice President, Affiliate and Education Services

"Johanna is the consummate professional - able to facilitate complex partnership development on new and often difficult frontiers of arts programming with intelligence, charm and good humor."

-- Gay Hanna, Ph.D., Former Executive Director, Society for the Arts in Healthcare.

"Your calm and constancy are wonderful characteristics, and I thank you for your contributions to all of us who care about the arts!"

-- Dorothy McSweeny, Former Chair, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.

"Watching you work through the [annual meeting] process and event taught me a lot that I've carried over to other work. Thank you for that. I've never seen you visibly 'ruffled' - what a great trait!"

-- Lori Meadows, Executive Director, Kentucky Arts Council.

"How much smarter and wiser we are with your support and guidance."

-- Tog Newman, Former Chair, North Carolina Arts Council.

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Johanna Misey Boyer
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