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Usage Tips

JMB Arts Management supports accessibility and is committed to ensuring everyone can access the information available. The layout of the site takes into account users who are visually impaired or have difficulties using a mouse. It is fully compatible with popular screen reading software, and can be navigated using just a keyboard.

Access keys

Access keys are shortcuts to provide quick and easy access to common pages without the need for a mouse and have been included to assist users with disabilities navigate around the web site.

Access Keys are available for the main navigation menu and are used by holding Alt (Control on a Macintosh) and pressing the corresponding key from the list below.

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Type Size

If you find that you'd prefer the font size to be larger or smaller, then you can easily control this using the included 'Select Type Size' menu, included on the top-right of each page, or by using your browser preferences.

To use the included "Select Type Size' menu, simply click on the appropriate link in the menu. To see type at its largest size, for instance, click on the 'Largest' link. This will increase the text on the page to 140% of the default text size. These links can also be accessed using your tab key. Press your tab key until the desired link has been selected, then press return. The corresponding text-size will be displayed.

To increase or decrease the text size using your browser preferences, follow these basic instructions:

For Internet Explorer:

For Netscape Navigator or Firefox:

For Macintosh computers:

Generally, the instructions are the same for the Mac, except that you can access the font preferences by pressing Command (Apple key) '+' to increase font size, and Command '-' to decrease font size. This is true for the browsers mentioned above, and also for Safari, a browser that comes with newer versions (MacOS X.#) of the Macintosh operating software. Note that in Firefox, you also have the option of returning to default text-size by pressing Command '0'.

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